As I watched the Jeb Bush train wreck take four days to play out this week I thought back to November 1979.

At about the same time the Iranian hostage crisis was starting to happen CBS newsman Roger Mudd sat down with Senator Ted Kennedy who was planning a race for the White House.  Mudd had a question that anyone with a day of experience in politics should have been able to expect and then answer.

“Why do you want to be president?”

The rambling and quite remarkably awful answer from a man I admired and always felt had the makings of presidential leadership left many stunned.  There was no one to blame other than Kennedy for the embarrassing performance.

Speed forward to this week’s awful attempts to answer a most basic question that was posed to potential GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush.  In short the question was how would you have acted regarding the invasion of Iraq, what would you have done?

Via Jeb Bush Made The Ted Kennedy Mistake @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.