Walker Admin touts Wisconsin’s economic turnaround around

And while the most recent quarterly data, BLS’ most definitive numbers, show Wisconsin’s job growth rate lagging much of the nation, the signs of more robust job creation ahead are everywhere, administration officials insist.

The state’s private sector, according to BLS preliminary data, added 28,100 private-sector jobs between April and July, the best total since records began in 1990, according to Workforce Development. In August, the private sector added another 7,300 jobs. Based on those estimates, Wisconsin ranked in the Top 10 for private-sector job growth.

Unemployment dropped to 6.7 percent last month, down a percentage point from when Walker began his term, and down from 9.1 percent in August 2009, according to BLS.

Via WI economy showing signs of strong turnaround @ Watchdog.org