Walker’s book

Gov. Scott Walker’s new book, “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge,” has been faulted for what it omits. Attention is also due to what it delivers: A vast portal into the mindset of Wisconsin’s most controversial politician.

The book, co-written by conservative scribe Marc Thiessen, provides ample ammunition to both Walker’s admirers and his detractors, often in the same passages. Such as when Walker, reflecting on his sweeping changes to collective bargaining, says “the union bosses … were the only ones who would get hurt in the entire process. Which was fine by me.”

Fans will applaud his righteousness. Foes will decry his dismissal of the sacrifices extracted from hundreds of thousands of public workers.

With a Nov. 19 release date, in time for Christmas and the next presidential election, “Unintimidated” is a work of unapologetic self-promotion….

Via WisconsinWatch.org.

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