WEDC Slowly Crumbles

WEDC ‘CEO’ Reed Hall Looks Downcast. You Would, Too, If You’d Disgraced All Wisconsin Yet Again. AP Photo.

On a Friday afternoon, there’s breaking news across Wisconsin. Having rejected free markets in capital, labor, and goods for cronyism and ineffectual manipulation of the economy, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation now slowly crumbles….

Should one be surprised?  Years of sham economics, lies about progress and development, and of job creation have met their match in audit after audit after audit.  So many of these millions went to the undeserving, bloated friends of insiders. 

To each and every person in this city who touted the work of the WEDC, one can confidently say this: you recklessly abandoned America’s deep tradition of reason and knowledge, and her advanced economic understanding, for hucksterism, for nothing but a low ideology common in banana republics and other degraded places.

If an ape screeched, hooted, and howled along Main Street, on that occasion Whitewater would have heard wiser and more melodious remarks than anything this city’s officials have ever said in defense of the WEDC.

Via WEDC Slowly Crumbles @ FREE WHITEWATER.

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