What brought Wade Michael Page to Milwaukee?

A racist woman:

Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page had no apparent ties to the Milwaukee area except one: a woman who may have shared his white power beliefs.

That woman, 31-year-old Misty Cook, may be the reason Page moved to the area about nine months ago, according to the Anti-Defamation League, which has been tracking both of them for years.

The first record of Page living in the area was at an apartment he shared with Cook in the 700 block of Minnesota Ave. in South Milwaukee in November 2011.

Cook worked at a restaurant about a block away from the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, where Page shot 10 people, killing six, on Sunday. He was fatally shot by police.

Page and Cook broke up in June and she had no role in the rampage, authorities said.

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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