Wisconsin’s Liberal Bloggers Parody Conservative Bloggers’ Open Letter

….If the past election in Wisconsin has shown national conservatives anything, it is to trust in the faith of Badger State conservative activists. We had the foresight to supply the movement with past and current leaders and rock stars like Robert Welch, Joe McCarthy, Gordon Roseleip, Jeff Wood, Tom Reynolds, Randy Hopper, David Vander Leest, Paul Ryan, Former Reality TeeVee Star Sean Duffy, Recall Target Scott Walker, U.S. Senate Placeholder Ron Johnson, and even Republican National Committee Chairman Reince “Marginally Better than Michael Steele” Priebus. We assure you, there are plenty more where they came from. There is no shortage of candidates of this quality in Wisconsin….

Via Blogging Blue.

Earlier:  Wisconsin’s Conservative Bloggers Send Open Letter to National Conservative Groups Blasting Asking Them to Re-Think Mark Neumann.

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