New Media

Racist trolls infest police websites

Criminal arrest reports are often followed by snarky, insulting and downright racist comments about those who have been taken into custody.  You also have cases of people making wild accusations that–because of the forum–get equal billing with the actual facts of a case. Via The New Media Problem @ My Two Cents.

Sheriff Clarke Bans Facebook Comment

My ban from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page is now the third such ban handed down on me by conservative candidates for office. Dan Sebring banned me from his Facebook page several years ago after I dared question him about his views, and former Democratic State Senator Jeff Plale not only banned me…


Google must fend off websites that game its ranking system, but did Metafilter get caught in the crossfire? Sad! I don’t think there’s anything on line that I’ve been as devoted to for as long as Metafilter…. Via Did Google screw Metafilter? @ Althouse.

WISGOP Seeks Online Dominance

To further strengthen our outreach, we’ve been training Party activists and volunteers across Wisconsin on how we can spread our message online. By visiting wisgop.org, you can sign up to receive our updates on how you can make a difference in your own circles. Via Enhancing Our Presence Online @ WISGOP.