Campaign Ads


… Walker is just plain creepy. In his new ad, the dull-eyed governor … tries to feign concern for women who are seeking abortion. It’s a contrast with the way he glibly dismissed imposing the ultrasound requirement last year, telling reporters, “I don’t have any problem with ultrasound. I think most people think ultrasounds are…

Flushed away

What’s truly nutty is that, somehow, [GOP State Senate candidate Brian] Fitzgerald thinks that a campaign commercial in which he warns a fellow tavern patron to stay out of the bathroom so as to avoid the malodorous emissions Fitzgerald has produced upon relieving himself would be a good commercial for his campaign. It’s that bad….…

Go Negative or Go Home

Only 4% of the ads aired in the Walker-Burke contest were purely positive in content; another 35% mixed positive messages about one candidate with negative messages about the other; and more than 60% were purely negative attacks on the opposing candidate. Via Ad wars heat up in Walker-Burke race @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog. 


Also pumping money into the nonprofit is Mary Kohler, vice president of Windway Foundation and a major Republican donor. She has given $30,000 to Americas PAC’s nonprofit. In 1988, Kohler was fired as chairwoman of the Wisconsin Women’s Council after she expressed the view that most blacks in South Africa “are still in the Stone…