Campaign Ads

Our Foreign Revival

The ad features various scenes of what one would assume is the United States. Several of the videos, however, come from foreign-based photographers and appear to have been purchased through stock image sites. Via Scott Walker's "Our American Revival" PAC Uses Foreign Stock Videos In Debut Ad @ BuzzFeed News.

Politics, what politics?

If history is a guide, the Koch network will claim that much of the nearly $1 billion it will funnel through an array of nonprofit groups is not about elections at all. Instead, the Kochs will claim that their efforts to elect politicians who will lower capital gains taxes and overturn environmental regulations is really…

Democrats pay to boost Assemblywoman’s connection to Walker

The ad features a pleasant picture of Vruwink standing with the first-term Republican governor, both of them all smiles. It also quotes, approvingly, a staffer for the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the state’s business lobby, praising Vruwink. Her National Rifle Association endorsement is cited prominently. Via Party mailer touts Dem lawmaker’s strong ties to Scott…

Pouring another glass

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters announced today that it has expanded broadcasting of the ad entitled “Water” into the Milwaukee media market. With this additional buy of $310,000, Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters has now made an investment of $1.3 million to date in their efforts to elect Mary Burke. Via Wisconsin League of Conservation…