Wisconsin cat gets crochet ears

A stray cat in Wisconsin had her ears removed due to chronic and painful infections. When shelter employees worried that she wouldn't be adopted, a helpful woman crocheted her an adorable ear bonnet. https://t.co/BJQkpZfFB2 — CNN (@CNN) January 26, 2020        

Friday Catblogging: How to Train a Famous Cat

From Bloomberg Business via FREE WHITEWATER.

Friday Catblogging: “How Cats Took Over the Internet”

“For some reason, cats took off, and then it’s this avalanche that just sort of keeps piling up,” said Jason Eppink, the curator of “How Cats Took Over the Internet,” an exhibition that opens on Friday at the Museum of the Moving Image. “People on the web are more likely to post a cat than another animal, because it sort of perpetuates itself. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.”

The exhibition — which may well be the first mainstream museum installation entirely dedicated to cats online — is made up mostly of images, videos and GIFs of cats and is meant to be a cultural deconstruction of their enduring popularity. The show takes a high-minded look at anthropomorphism and what it calls the “aesthetics of cuteness” as well as a low-brow wallow through cheesy trends — like the LOLcats who demand cheezburger — and bad puns, like Caturday, a fad that had people posting cat pictures on Saturdays.

See ‘How Cats Took Over the Internet’ at the Museum of the Moving Image @ New York Times.