In fact, Wisconsin’s most recent wolf hunt as ordered up by the Legislature under the fast-tracked direction of then-State Rep. Joel Kleefisch showed precisely why it’s a bad idea to let states ‘manage’ wolf-hunting.

* What Wisconsin ‘managed’ in wolf hunts between 2012 and 2014 came complete with only-in-Wisconsin use of dogs in the hunt that made a mockery of animal cruelty law and standards.

* Not to mention with the participation of a state advisory panel stripped of nearly all its wolf-hunting opponents.

Via The Political Environment: Wolf-dog fighting and shooting trapped wolves may again stain WI woods

State Rep. Krug Meets Citizen Backlash 

I watched your entire performance on the floor. Suggesting we drill more HCWs (High Capacity Wells) to fill up dried-up lakes, such as Long Lake, to study the hydrology is ludicrous. There are 5 monitoring wells already in place around Long Lake, that could, and should, have been used to study the hydrology over the past few years, but NOTHING has been done with them. We don’t need to study the hydrology; all we need to do is take a drive around the perimeter of Long Lake, and the other Channel Lakes, and look at the proliferation of HCWs.

Via MAL Contends . . .: Citizen to State Rep. Scott Krug: YOU SOLD US OUT.

DNR Reorg

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“Wisconsin families deserve an agency that’s going to look out for the air we breathe, that’s going look out for the water we drink, the places we recreate. And instead, what this is moving us closer to is an agency that looks out for the big corporate polluters,” said Kerry Schumann, executive director of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

Recycling Destinations

#news3 @MaryJoOlaTV goes inside #PellitteriWasteSystems for #EarthDay2015 to learn where recyclables go. pic.twitter.com/Ypziy7fqNV — Mark Schilling (@SchooterNEWS3) April 22, 2015


The six bands of Chippewa tribes in northern Wisconsin have declared intentions to spear a record 63,488 walleyes during the 2014 off-reservation harvest, according to officials with the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission. Via Chippewa tribes declare record number of walleyes for spearing season @ JS On the Trail Blog.

Huge numbers of dead wolves

The accelerating wolf kill in Wisconsin justifies a closer look at who and what is driving it. First, the numbers: The Wisconsin DNR reported 117 wolves were killed in the state’s initial, 2012 hunt and, so far, 204 have been killed in this year’s hunt… more» Via The Political Environment.

More than ever

Peregrine falcons produced a record 98 chicks in Wisconsin this year, according to a new report on the endangered raptor. The report by Greg Septon, a leading authority of the birds, also showed that adults produced young at 32 nests in the state, which ties the record set in 2011. Via Peregrine falcons produced record…