Climate Change Drives New Species Into Wisconsin

   One newcomer is the evening bat, the state’s first new bat species in more than 60 years, according to the DNR. Evening bats are “an interesting sort of orange-colored, and some say sort of orange-peel-smelling” creature, said Owen Boyle, a DNR conservationist. Climate change is opening Wisconsin up to new species like the evening bat,…

Progressive papal persuasion

I’m encouraged by Pope Francis’ decision to share his thoughts on global climate change, because his words and deeds have weight – as evidenced by the important role he played in the historic change in relations between the United States and Cuba – so perhaps his efforts to influence the dialogue on global climate change…

When a quota’s not a quota

With only four legal wolf kills remaining under the current season’s quota of 150, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources must close the season today or enable the intentional, quota-breaking overkilling of wolves beginning tomorrow after the gun-dear season has closed when hounders will be free to release their dogs against wolves and packs the…

Back to Primitive

But my favorite guy is the one who has a woman, because it’s a lot more of a challenge to live under primitive conditions — no electricity, no running water, etc. — when you’ve got not just your body and mind to preserve but a relationship. And what woman would humor what man this much?…

Bloodbath for Bonzo

Via “When parties of males encounter single individuals from other communities, they sometimes launch brutal assaults that leave victims gravely wounded or dead” @ Althouse.

Our fault

Via Althouse: “Thus did humans inadvertently create an ecological niche for a predator in one of the most densely populated regions of the country.”