No Change

“During the debate Walker did present himself with more energy and willingness to engage and not wait to be called on to lend his perspective to the issues at hand.  But he seemed unable to step into issues with any depth or sureness over what he was talking about.   There was once again an over reliance on using the time-tested lines from the campaign stops to be offered up as responses.”

Via Scott Walker Debate Performance Anemic, Does Not Change Narrative @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

Mostly Ignored

Simi Valley, Calif. — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker needed a breakout performance in Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, but he had a problem:

In the three-hour forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, he was asked just three questions.

“Short of tackling someone, I don’t know what more I could have done,” Walker told reporters after the debate. “I aggressively interrupted (CNN moderator) Jake Tapper a bunch of times along the way and short of an absolute brawl, I don’t know what more one could do.”

Via Scott Walker struggles to be heard at debate, with 3 questions, little airtime @ JSOnline.

Less than Expected

“The case for Walker is that he’s principled, if uncharismatic. The case against him is that he’s doctrinaire and unpersonable. Megyn Kelly’s question, “Are you too extreme?” gave Walker the opportunity to reveal a more nuanced, thoughtful, compassionate side. Such a self-revelation might have inspired party leaders to think, “Here’s our best back-up plan if…