Clinton on Sanders

Clinton had her moment with a one-liner too when making it clear she cedes no ground to Sanders. She stated ‘I’m a progressive. But I’m a progressive who likes to get things done,’ And she knows we need to find a credible way to fund the programs we propose. Sanders just has no clue about the paycheck for what he is planning.

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Now, I’ve got to admit… the memo is kind of correct. It’s too late for Biden to jump in. Without a significant stumble by Clinton, the debate drives home how wrong it would be for Biden to step on her now. Bernie Sanders can’t be President. He’s a socialist! He gave a wonderful paean to socialism last night. And who were those other guys on the stage? I mean, really, who the hell were they? Other than Martin O’Malley. Gee, he looked handsome and tall, and he was really trying to register an impression. And you’ve got to give him credit for at least being a Democrat, which is not a distinction any of the other men on the stage seem to have. You’d think that would be a bare minimum for the Democratic nomination. We’ll see if O’Malley gets any traction in the polls, now. It’s unlikely. The acceptance of Hillary is jelling. So sayeth the memo.

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So then if, at the last minute, he decides to drop in — and CNN has given him until the last minute to decide — it will be an opportunity for media folk to whip out their favorite adverb: unexpectedly!

It’s all just so unfair to Hillary. Don’t prepare to fend off Biden? And yet, he may surprise us. If it seems advantageous when the time comes. He’s got 22 days to tease us, excite us (over what is essentially an utterly boring prospect — Joe Biden running for President again).

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Debate Debacle

The seeds of Walker’s withdrawal had been planted five nights earlier in Simi Valley, when Walker spoke for fewer minutes than any other candidate on the debate stage. Instead of a breakout performance, the closet thing he had to a signature moment came as Carly Fiorina finished her impassioned answer on Planned Parenthood. Walker lifted his finger, as if to interject. He wasn’t called upon. He would speak only once in the next 30 minutes.

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Walker Leaves Trump Unscathed

Walker turned to Donald Trump – the 2016 candidate whose political fortunes have risen as Walker’s have cratered – and delivered his carefully prepared zing payload. “We don’t need an apprentice in the White House,” Walker said, “we have one right now.”

It was a reference to Donald Trump’s former show, “The Apprentice,” but Walker seemed to be under the impression that the “apprentice” referenced in the show’s title was Trump. That’s not how the show worked; Donald Trump was not “The Apprentice.” The joke made no sense. A few people in the audience laughed, probably because they’re idiots who laugh at anything. Jeb Bush, standing between Walker and Trump, paused for a moment to work out what Walker was getting at, then offered a sympathetic nod and closed-lip “good job, good effort” smile. The canned line had flopped, and Trump remained wholly un-zung.

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