Millennials less committed to Bible

It may still be the best-selling tome of all time, but the Bible is increasingly generating indifference, and even antipathy, especially among Millennials, according to the fourth annual State of the Bible survey. Via Millennials driving trend away from Bible reverence @ JS FaithWatch Blog.

Presence Rather Than Partisan Answers

Years ago, during a controversy in Whitewater, someone told me a story about an official who, I learned, asked God’s help to relieve that official from a political burden.  The official delivered his request, apparently, in blunt, specific terms. I don’t know whether the official received an answer to his prayers, or whether he believed…

Scalia, an interviewer, and the Devil

And there you are. He believes in the Devil not just, perhaps, because he yields to the authority of a religion of dogma and authority, but he believes in the Devil because the Devil is a literary device for exploring human nature, and how can we not believe in human nature and literature? Via What…

Dalai Lama Speaks to Wisconsin Legislature

He spoke about the his appreciation for democracy and the trust that the people of Wisconsin have put in their legislators, about the importance of humility and “transparency that brings trust.” He spoke about how all human beings are the same, whether they are world leaders or homeless. “Mentally, emotionally, physically, we are the same.…