Day-After Speculating 

Welcome to the “Over-reaction Tuesday” of the political world.  The 24-hour news channels will be filled with “post Iowa Caucus analysis” for at least the next two or three days–as “experts” pore over the results of voting done by about 15% of eligible voters in that state in an archaic and exclusionary format.  But that certainly won’t prevent everyone from making broad pronouncements…. 

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Walker Bombs at Iowa Tailgate

But Walker was nearly inaudible in his remarks, the fault of too-weak speakers in the tailgate tent. It didn’t matter much anyway: it quickly became apparent that many of the hundreds of attendees who had packed into and around the tent, sponsored by the Iowa GOP, couldn’t see the main stage, and thought — and hoped — they were watching Trump instead.

“We want Trump! We want Trump!” chanted a pocket of students to Walker’s left as he spoke.

On his right, as Walker wrapped up, a woman warned a group of people who were pushing toward the front to calm down. Trump, she said, wasn’t here yet.

His day didn’t get any better when he wended his way through the crowd after the speech — he faced tough, skeptical questioning from several voters over teacher pay, ethanol and global poverty. One voter mistook him for Marco Rubio.

Via Trump vs. Walker: A tale of two tailgates @ POLITICO.

Too Soon?

“Bob Vander Plaats, a key Iowa social conservative who is yet to endorse a candidate, recalls a conversation during the heady days of Walker’s rise. “One of his people called me,” he says, “and said how excited they were, and I said ‘I don’t wanna douse your excitement, but I don’t think you want to…


Meanwhile on Sunday’s Face The Nation Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent for Slate Magazine and Ben Domenech the publisher of The Federalist gave scant attention to Walker, and what they did offer was not anything that his campaign could applaud about.

BOUIE: And of those people, like I said earlier, I think Rubio’s the one who is going to potentially do best. Scott Walker — it’s really striking to see how much Trump has completely demolished Scott Walker’s standing in Iowa and New Hampshire and nationally.

Six months ago, we were all talking about Scott Walker as someone who was going to be the alternative to Bush or the alternative to Rubio, but it looks like he’s diminished from the field.

DOMENECH: And I think that’s in part because he’s just not a compelling candidate when he’s out there.

Via Scott Walker Becoming An Asterisk @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS

Worst of Summer


“He can’t seem to find his way on any given issue with a handheld GPS,” an Iowa Republican said of Walker. “He’s been on all three sides of every two-sided issue. For the last two months hasn’t made a single policy pronouncement that he or his staff hasn’t had to clarify or clear up within two hours. When you’re reduced to saying ‘yeah’ doesn’t mean ‘yes,’ you’re in trouble. ‘Unintimidated’ has given way to ‘uninformed’ and ‘unprepared.'”

“Not since, well, Tim Pawlenty has a candidate so hyped or seemingly invincible had their bubble burst in this way,” agreed another Iowa Republican, who like all participants was granted anonymity in order to speak freely. “He owes the Iowa GOP a big favor for canceling the Straw Poll to keep him from repeating Tim Pawlenty’s untimely demise.”

Via Insiders: Scott Walker the biggest loser of the summer @ Politico.

Little margin left

Craig Robinson, editor of TheIowaRepublican.com, said caucus goers in his state have been told Walker is a reform-minded governor, but of late “they’re seeing someone who is acting more like a politician, making calculated moves.”

“It takes discipline” to run for president, Robinson said. “When you say you’re going to build a 5,000-mile wall with Canada, that’s not disciplined. That’s crazy talk.”

Walker is contending he never said he supported building a wall along the Canadian border, but Robinson said Walker should have known how his comments would have been perceived and should not have made them.

Via Scott Walker’s once high-flying campaign hits turbulence @ JSOnline.

Iowa Slips Away

Walker, who has enjoyed a consistent lead all year in Iowa, dropped to third in the most recent CNN poll. He was backed by just 9 percent of likely caucus participants, below Trump at 22 percent and Carson at 14 percent.

It’s a dramatic fall for a guy who led in a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll with 17 percent as recently as late May. That was approaching the level of support—roughly 20 percent—that most party insiders agree could win the caucuses in a 17-candidate field.

Scott Walker Being Trumped by The Donald in Crucial State of Iowa @ Bloomberg Politics.

Less Enthusiastic

“Otherwise, the audience response to Walker, who spoke last, was more subdued than to most of the nine other Republican presidential candidates who spoke at the event. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal received four spontaneous standing ovations including one after saying “the left is trying to take God out of the public square.” The audience response…

Trouble in Paradise Iowa?

“As an unofficial candidate early this year, Mr. Walker got off to a hot start with several strong speeches and impressive poll numbers in Iowa and other key states. But a series of gaffes hurt him among some Republican leaders and donors, and his lead in Iowa polls has softened recently as rivals like Senator…

Grand Tour

Following his July 13 announcement in Wisconsin, Walker will travel to Nevada on Tuesday, July 14 for an event in Las Vegas; then on to South Carolina Wednesday, July 15 for events in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville; then to New Hampshire Thursday, July 16 for events in Merrimack and Portsmouth. His tour of the early voting states concludes with a three-day, 11-stop RV tour of Iowa starting Friday July 17.

Via Gov. Walker to follow presidential kick-off with multi, – state tour next week @ JS All Politics Blog.