Marquette University has removed Susannah Bartlow, director of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. Poor Bartlow. She’s a scapegoat in a way. Bartlow was just carrying out what has become the New Order at Marquette, yet she has to take the blame when Marquette once again finds itself disgraced in the national spotlight. Via Susannah…

Hand that feeds gets bitten

the higher administration doesn’t fully comprehend what they have put in place. Rather, the top administrators are proud of their “initiatives” about “diversity” and “inclusion” and “gender and sexuality.”  They have pandered to the politically correct, and now are embarrassed at what the politically correct have done. Via Campus Mural of Cop Killer: Marquette Responds…

Down now

Via Marquette University puts up a mural honoring a convicted cop murderer who escaped from prison and fled to Cuba @  Althouse.

4 of 7

Via At the swearing-in ceremony for Marquette University Law School graduates, only the justices who voted for Patience Roggensack appear @ Althouse.

31, 105

Via UW holds steady, Marquette drops in latest US News law school rankings @ JS Proof and Hearsay Blog.

Marquette Steps in It

Is this a case where the newly-installed President of MU took some seriously flawed advice and pulled the trigger without checking with counsel?  Was he so busy carrying on with the Bucks and with Dwayne Wade that he just sorta nodded a vague approval of schmeissing McAdams without due diligence? Or did the decision come…