Mike Pence


scoop: Former Wisconsin governor @ScottWalker is working closely with @Mike_Pence on debate prep and serving as the foil/Harris stand-in during private prep sessions, per 2 people familiar with the mtgs. In 2016, Walker served as Pence's Kaine stand-in.https://t.co/TUcWfCFoVR — Robert Costa (@costareports) September 17, 2020              

150,000 later…

Also Pence: "Because of Trump's leadership, things will be back to normal by Easter!" 150k dead since. https://t.co/7HU7DeY5Wa — Bluepool (Voting for Biden) (@BadgerStew) August 21, 2020          

No thanks, Mike

Donald Trump’s trade war exacerbated our farm crisis, forcing 10% of Wisconsin farms to close their doors last year, yet Mike Pence would have us believe he has the best interests of farmers at heart. We are tired of being lied to. #wipoliticshttps://t.co/zaDsW7fL0p — For Our Future WI (@ForOurFutureWI) January 27, 2020      …

He’s arriving Tuesday.

Heading to Wisconsin with @BetsyDeVosED tomorrow for an event celebrating National School Choice Week! Every child across America deserves a great education and when parents have the right to choose the education their child needs, students are more likely to succeed! — Mike Pence (@Mike_Pence) January 27, 2020