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A report released today recommends that the Domes(officially called the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory) be demolished and replaced with a new horticultural conservatory that would be paired with a new Milwaukee Public Museum in Mitchell Park on Milwaukee’s South Side.

The report, commissioned by the MPM-Domes Joint Task Force and prepared by Washington, D.C.-based Gallagher & Associates Museum Services, says combining the two institutions on a single site, “could be a great guest experience which integrates the content and stories from Milwaukee Public Museum with the content and experience of the current Domes and Conservatory. Specifically, the natural history portion of the MPM storyline fits very nice with the Domes experiences.”

The report also says that, “the cost of properly renovating the Domes greatly outweighs the benefit of doing so.”

Via Report: Demolish Domes & combine replacement with Public Museum – OnMilwaukee

Bye, David

It was not long ago that former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was a national media darling, appearing frequently on Fox News and other venues. He was under consideration for several different positions with the Trump administration, and  And as recently as last November, Saturday Night Live felt Clarke was important enough to do a parody of him.

But his star was already descending by then. A story by the Daily Beast reports that the “one-time Fox News regular.. was effectively ‘banned’ last year by the network…

The decision was more sweeping than the ‘soft bans’ that Fox has imposed on other guests or contributors.”In short, no one at the station wants him on their program.

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Only the Given Names Are the Same 

Strangers watching the two Chrises would have thought the calm, prepared, point by point analyzer in the debate was already the county executive, not his challenger. Look at the tape and see if you don’t agree. Larson scored heavily with his principal concern (plus examples) that Abele was shutting out the local democratic process in favor of his own opinions. Larson’s view of Milwaukee’s future is certainly more trusting of the people and envisions a Wisconsin undergoing change.


And More 

This requires some context. A couple of years ago, Northwestern Mutual offered the county $14.4 million in cash. In that offer, NML would take over the property, revitalize it, and create green space. But the liberals on the board abhorred the thought of selling county property to a private interest, so they rejected the offer.

Now the county is GIVING the property to another private interest and that interest will take over maintenance, which NML would have done too. And the county is trying to spin this as a deal for taxpayers. So instead of the county getting $14.4 million in cash and absolving the taxpayers of future obligations, the taxpayers are getting nothing.

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Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Even for Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., this was over the top.

Over the past year, Clarke has become a regular on Fox News with his generally unwavering support of police officers often while using inflammatory, Ann Coulter-style rhetoric.

But Clarke outdid himself this week with his unqualified assertion on “Fox & Friends” that police racism and brutality were relics of the past.

“First off, there is no police brutality in America. We ended that back in the ’60s,” Clarke told co-host Brian Kilmeade earlier this week. He continued, “There’s a new Harvard study out that shows that there is no racism in the hearts of police officers. They go about their daily duty, if you will, to keep communities safe.”

Via Sheriff David Clarke says police brutality and racism have ended @ JS NO Quarter Blog.