Milwaukee County

Claim of Obstruction

The Milwaukee County executive’s office under Scott Walker “obstructed” a criminal investigation into missing donations to a veterans fund, two investigators alleged Friday in a federal court brief that includes recently unsealed investigative records.

The documents provide new information about the extent of the now-closed John Doe criminal investigation into the activities of Walker and his staff before he was elected governor in 2010. The filing came in response to a lawsuit filed by one of the Republican governor’s former top aides, Cindy Archer, who claims she and others have been targeted by Democratic Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm because of their work on behalf of Walker.

The filing in U.S. District Court in Milwaukee revealed that Archer and Walker’s then-campaign treasurer, John Hiller, were under criminal investigation five years ago for their actions involving the proposed lease of office space by Milwaukee County that would have benefited real-estate clients of Hiller’s who had made donations to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign.

Via Scott Walker’s office ‘obstructed’ probe of missing veterans funds, investigators allege @ WisconsinWatch.org

Assembly says yes

Next up for the team is working out a land sale with Milwaukee County and getting approval for the arena from the Milwaukee Common Council. Speaking at the Capitol after the Assembly vote, Bucks head coach Jason Kidd and team president Peter Feigin praised the deal and said the remaining pieces could be assembled in time for construction to start in the fall.

Via Assembly passes arena deal, sends it to Scott Walker @ JSOnline.

Living Large 

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Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele likes to hobnob with political and corporate heavyweights.Now Abele has the security to match.

Starting earlier this month, Abele hired two pricey private security guards from a California-based firm to provide protection for 50 hours of work a week. Included in the deal is the use of a GMC Yukon XL, a full-size SUV with a sticker price starting at $50,000.

Gavin de Becker & Associates — which has provided security for former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and actress Jennifer Lawrence — is being paid $73.75 an hour for each of the two guards.

Taxpayers will pick up the cost for the first $100,000 for Abele’s security detail under the no-bid contract. That should cover three months.

Via Chris Abele hires pricey security guards, upgrades to full-size SUV @ No Quarter Blog.


“The head of the Wisconsin Center District has attacked those working on a deal to build a new $500 million arena for the Milwaukee Bucks, saying the talks were too secretive and “uncivilized.” Franklyn Gimbel, chairman of the district, said he was particularly upset that he has yet to be informed about the details of…

Moore v. Clarke

“The country is just now getting to know Sheriff Clarke, but I’m all too familiar with his inflammatory antics,” Moore writes “His proclivity for provocation coupled with his distorted view of black America has grown more extreme over the years, earning him numerous appearances on Fox News. He has helped the network spread a slew…


A confidential memo shows the board believes Weishan may have violated up to four ethics provisions against using a county office for personal benefit and to aid a political campaign. The board could fine Weishan up to $1,000 per violation and order that he make restitution for part of the $4,700 mailing. Via Panel finds…

Hard not to see this coming

The gist of the plan is that they declare a number of Milwaukee Public Schools as “failing” and target them for take over by a private school. But there is a particularly nasty twist to their plan. These privatized schools would be run by Milwaukee County Executive Emperor Chris “Boss” Abele…. Via Abele, Republicans Propose…

Not so well received

“For two white suburban legislators to propose that the white county executive appoint a ‘Commissioner’ who will have ‘parallel authority’ to the democratically elected school board is a racist attack on the democratic rights of the citizens of Milwaukee, the majority of whom are black and brown,” Peterson said in a statement. He added that…

Not Yet

Bucks arena deal – Bucks: No deal reached on new arena; another meeting planned Thursday http://t.co/AlEreYiD2J pic.twitter.com/m3ek6dZ24Y — madison.com (@madisondotcom) April 23, 2015