Milwaukee County


…. if Walker wants this, he’s going to have to come back to Wisconsin and sell it. Less than 10% of the people from outside of Milwaukee support this and, in case you didn’t notice, most of the members of the legislature are not from Milwaukee. It’s a tough sell for them to their constituents….…

Convict-son wants on

Julietta Henry, the county elections director, said Allah — whose name will appear on the ballot as Supreme Moore Omokunde — turned in enough signatures to vie for the seat previously held by Supervisor David Bowen. More than 200 signatures were certified, Henry said. Via Gwen Moore's son – Supreme Solar Allah – running for County…

Clarke says it’s Obama’s fault

“When I heard the president call for calm after the rioting started, I questioned his sincerity because some of his political strategy of divide and conquer fuels this sort of racial animosity between people,” Clarke said. “And so, I think when he called for calm after the rioting started, I believe it was done with…


When Scott Walker’s county staff members needed to release a statement in 2010 saying they did not engage in campaign activity, who exactly did they ask to approve the language? Walker’s top campaign aides, naturally. Via Scott Walker campaign staffer OK'd statement denying political activity by county staff @ JS No Quarter Blog.