Ongoing Natural Discoveries

We’ve sent advanced probes to the outer solar system, but there are still new, surprising discoveries to be made, as described in the video below, where scientists learn that even asteroids can have their own ring systems. Via FREE WHITEWATER.

DNR wolf-cull target dips below scientifically recommended level

As hunters prepare for Wisconsin’s wolf hunt, some scientists are warning that a proposal to sharply cull the population could destabilize it — just two years after wolves were removed from the federal endangered list. At issue is a plan, favored by some members of a reconstituted state Department of Natural Resources committee, to maintain…

Happy Birthday, Copernicus

Google celebrates Nicolaus Copernicus’s 540th birthday today with a Google Doodle illustrating the heliocentric universe: Unlike the doodle above, the one on their main search page is animated. They’ve also a link to search for Copernicus’s scientific accomplishments and investigations of the natural order.