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So why did the WISGOP move to evict the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism from UW-Madison?

Matthew Rothschild speculates: The Republican legislators were retaliating against the center because of a blockbuster story by Bill Lueders, its “Money and Politics” project director. Among the fantastic stories Lueders has produced was the one he broke about State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser (a former Republican Speaker of the Assembly), who tried to choke…

The Joint Finance Committee moves against the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism were bad on principle and as politics

The GOP’s budget motion was a vindictive attack on a journalistic operation on ideological grounds. Does that sound slightly familiar? At a time when conservatives should be embracing government restraint, the motion combines some of the worst aspects of the IRS and DOJ scandals – using government to punish those perceived as political enemies combined…

Facebook fiend attacks Madison woman

Police arrested Donald H. Sampson, 18, of Madison at his Coho Street home on suspicion of strangulation, battery and disorderly conduct. Sampson has been the subject of other cases of violence against women, including an attack on a 15-year-old, according to police. Via Channel 3000.