Nothing for Naruto 

Macaca_nigra_self-portrait_largeOf course, a monkey wouldn’t know he had legal rights even if he did. Some human beings would need to purport to represent the monkey, and that’s what was going on here. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sought to capture the income stream from Naruto the monkey’s beloved photography and offered to spend the money for the benefit of him and the various other crested macaques on the island of Sulawesi.

Via Althouse: The selfie monkey cannot own the copyright to the photo he took.


But how about not aggravating the bear in the first place. Look how he’s out of the car to get photographs and how he keeps photographing Via How to scare a bear @ Althouse.

How Linda Greenhouse of the NYT uses ‘notion’ and ‘instinctive’ to deprecate free expression

A notion is a lightweight mental sensation. Instinct pulses from our lower brain. We may have these notions and instincts UNTIL we “consider… florists and bakers,” but “consider” implies some serious contemplation, and Greenhouse’s use of “until” suggests that she thinks that the instant we see the names of those lowly occupations — florists and…

2014 World Press Photo Contest Winners

The 2014 World Press Contest photos are now available online. A link to the winning photographs appears below. Some depict tragedy, others hope, and all of them are notable and evocative. An international jury of photographers and editors has announced the results of the 57th World Press Photo Contest. The shot chosen as Photo of…