Murderous fanaticism fails

Yeah… well… Woodstock Nation didn’t really work out as a nation. Was that even the point? Isn’t it more of a state of mind? The actual physical conditions of human health, safety, and welfare can be atrocious, but if you really believe… Via “The Islamic State is failing at being a state.” @ Althouse. 

Tyranny’s one way

“Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying defiantly told a news briefing in Beijing. The unrest, the worst in Hong Kong since China resumed its rule over the former British colony in 1997, sent white clouds of gas wafting among some of the world’s most valuable office towers and shopping malls…

Bad from the Beginning

….the most contentious response appeared on the pages of the pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia. “One should distinguish the difference between Hitler before 1939 and Hitler after 1939 and separate chaff from grain,” Mr. Migranyan wrote. If Hitler had stopped after the “bloodless” reunification of German lands, including Austria and the Sudetenland, with the mother country, “he…