Russ +12

WI US Senate race: New Marquette Law School Poll finds Democrat Russ Feingold at 49% support, GOP Ron Johnson at…


Johnson net negative

Johnson rated favorably by 27%, unfavorably by 36%, no opinion by 37%. In August, that was 30%-31%-38%. #mulawpoll — MULawPoll…


Feingold net favorable

Feingold rated favorably by 42%, unfavorably by 32%, no opinion by 26%. In August, that was 42%-30%-28%. #mulawpoll — MULawPoll…


Russ Big Over Ron

US Senate race in Wisconsin: New poll results find Democrat Russ Feingold at 50%, Republican Ron Johnson at 36%. #mulawpoll…


Russ over Ron

US Senate Race in WI: Democrat Russ Feingold 47%, Republican Ron Johnson 42%. In April, it was Feingold 54%, Johnson…


Two-million per

Two-million per – – Johnson, Feingold report similar fundraising totals for last quarter @ JS All Politics Blog.



“…. only 5% of the $7.1 million spent by Feingold’s PAC went directly to federal candidates and political parties from…

Russ Feingold

Russ Returns

Russ Feingold to run for US Senate http://t.co/DpM7MMuElr #BREAKING;: #Wisconsin's Russ Feingold to run for US Senate http://t.co/DpM7MMuElr pic.twitter.com/LaNMiwT29a —…