Meanwhile on Sunday’s Face The Nation Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent for Slate Magazine and Ben Domenech the publisher of The Federalist gave scant attention to Walker, and what they did offer was not anything that his campaign could applaud about.

BOUIE: And of those people, like I said earlier, I think Rubio’s the one who is going to potentially do best. Scott Walker — it’s really striking to see how much Trump has completely demolished Scott Walker’s standing in Iowa and New Hampshire and nationally.

Six months ago, we were all talking about Scott Walker as someone who was going to be the alternative to Bush or the alternative to Rubio, but it looks like he’s diminished from the field.

DOMENECH: And I think that’s in part because he’s just not a compelling candidate when he’s out there.

Via Scott Walker Becoming An Asterisk @ CAFFEINATED POLITICS

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