Sports Press pans Ryan Braun’s apology

Tyler Kempner, The New York Times: “Ryan Braun is not especially important to the baseball world anymore, except to those people who work or root for the Milwaukee Brewers. As a national figure, Braun is all but ruined. Most people will place him off in a corner of their minds – in a jail cell with giant syringes for bars, let’s say – with all the other drug cheats. But for the Brewers and their fans, Braun is theirs to stay, signed with the team through 2020. He got a standing ovation at Miller Park in his first at-bat after agreeing to a $105 million contract extension in 2011. Later that season, he used performance-enhancing drugs, Braun admitted in a statement Thursday. . . . What matters most now is Braun’s relationship with the Brewers and their fans. His statement nudged him along, if only a bit, on a path he hopes will lead to acceptance.”

Via Some initial press reaction to the statements of apology released Thursday by Ryan Braun @ JS SportsDay.

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