Walker Admin Unresponsive on WEDC Question

The State Journal asked the Walker and Burke campaigns to explain in detail what kind of policy WEDC should adopt to ensure taxpayers aren’t subsidizing outsourcing.

Burke spokesman Joe Zepecki referred to Burke’s statement earlier this month: “As governor, I will insist that every WEDC award protects against the outsourcing of Wisconsin jobs and companies that don’t live up to their end of the deal give back every tax dollar they received.”

Walker spokeswoman Alleigh Marre responded with a statement that did not address the question, but instead criticized Burke.

“Burke’s own jobs plan calls for bringing outsourced jobs back to Wisconsin, but when asked how she could do this with her family’s company, Burke can’t articulate how it would be done,” Marre said.

Via At least 25 companies have outsourced and received state funding award since 2005  @ State Journal.

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