Why, yes, the print group is screwed

….it looks more like Scripps walked off with all the pretty-pretty precious stones while the spun-off Journal Sentinel and its attending outlets will be a lot more modest than today. After all, Journal Communications is signing over to Scripps its profitable flotilla of 14 TV and 35 radio stations, including WTMJ-TV, WTMJ-AM (home of right-wing Wisconsin talk radio) and WKTI-FM.

In return, the restructured Journal parent firm will keep the Journal Sentinel, the web services that are part of that news operation and a handful of in-state farm publications and suburban newspapers. The new Journal group will gain control over all remaining Scripps newspapers, the biggest of which is the Memphis Commercial Appeal….

Via Have to ask: Did the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s parent company just sell itself out of debt? @ Uppity Wisconsin.

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