Free Speech

Contrasting Responses to Offense

There’s this thing about a free society. Chances are, you’re going to be offended. Not all people will show you the respect you would like. Your religious beliefs will be dismissed and mocked. What do you do? You certainly don’t act out violently. Via Muhammad Cartoon Contest and ‘Piss Christ’ @ FREEDOM EDEN.

Advice for the thin-skinned

I think this is the kind of thing professors should simply ignore. There’s meaningless, mindless chatter out there. Getting mad or hurt about it is pointless. It’s like worrying about every last thought that might be rattling about in the students’ head. Chalk it up to freedom and move on. Teach better classes. Count yourself…

Bused from Capitol in Storm, Detained, No Charges

As Republicans rushed through a so-called “Right to Work” bill in the Wisconsin State Senate on Wednesday, some people were removed from the galleries for outbursts but not arrested, while at least two people were taken to an off-site Department of Administration processing facility and made to find their own way back to the State…


Scott Walker’s unconstitutional assault against free speech in the Wisconsin state capitol garnered reactions ranging from apathy to hostility against those exercising speech. Via Apathy Will Doom Wisconsin @ MAL Contends . . ..

Marquette Steps in It

Is this a case where the newly-installed President of MU took some seriously flawed advice and pulled the trigger without checking with counsel?  Was he so busy carrying on with the Bucks and with Dwayne Wade that he just sorta nodded a vague approval of schmeissing McAdams without due diligence? Or did the decision come…

Speak Freely

A Wisconsin appellate court has sustained the First Amendment rights of the civil-rights-movement-singing Wisconsin Solidarity Singers or Solidarity Sing-Along (Facebook). The case is State of Wisconsin v. Michael W. Crute (Appeal No. 2014AP659; Circuit Court No. 2010FO2108). Via Scott Walker Loses, Free Speech Wins in Wisconsin Appellate Court @ MAL Contends . . ..


Walker’s comment was hugely unwise, because it baits citizens, priming them to expect trouble — which it indirectly now might cause. It’s scary to contemplate that the fallout over Hamilton’s death could come to a dangerous physical showdown, most likely if Walker decides to act and not just talk tough. That talk arguably was aimed…