Dr. Carson?

How incredibly strange… and this follows on Carson’s much-noticed statement that he wouldn’t accept a Muslim as President. Can it be that what seemed like an unforced error actually helped his cause? Trump boosted his cause by making statements that look — to mainstream commentators — as though they outright disqualify him from being taken seriously. Perhaps it’s not Trump’s style and bluster that have put him in the lead, but the substance itself, the very substance that horrifies moderates. Because here’s Carson, with his completely different demeanor and tone, vaulting ahead saying something that anybody serious was supposed to know you just don’t say.

Via The new IBD/TIPP poll has Ben Carson in the lead — with 24% — and Trump at 17% @ Althouse.

Never as Low

But in 1980, Reagan never fell as low as Walker is now. A June 1979 Washington Post poll found Reagan lapping the field, with 43 percent support to just 16 percent for then-fast-fading former Texas governor John Connolly. A September 1979 poll, which asked voters how they’d lean if former president Ford entered the race, found Reagan at 29 percent and Ford at just 21 percent.

Metaphorically likening yourself to Reagan can only take you so far.

Via Scott Walker compared his polling woes to Reagan’s. Does a Reagan biographer agree? @ Washington Post.