“Polling data shows that the governor’s greatest loss of home-state support this year has occurred among independents, moderates and voters in northern and western Wisconsin, swing regions that were key to Walker’s statewide victories….” Via Walker losing support from political center in home state @ JS Wisconsin Voter Blog.

Walker Collapses in NH

PPP’s new New Hampshire poll finds Donald Trump in the strongest position of any poll we’ve done anywhere since he entered the race. Trump laps the Republican field with 35% to 11% for John Kasich, 10% for Carly Fiorina, 7% each for Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, 6% for Ben Carson, 4% each for Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, and 3% for Rand Paul.

Via Trump up big in NH; Sanders leads Clinton @ PPP.

Iowa Slips Away

Walker, who has enjoyed a consistent lead all year in Iowa, dropped to third in the most recent CNN poll. He was backed by just 9 percent of likely caucus participants, below Trump at 22 percent and Carson at 14 percent.

It’s a dramatic fall for a guy who led in a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll with 17 percent as recently as late May. That was approaching the level of support—roughly 20 percent—that most party insiders agree could win the caucuses in a 17-candidate field.

Scott Walker Being Trumped by The Donald in Crucial State of Iowa @ Bloomberg Politics.

Walker in 2nd

Trump, the GOP presidential hopeful who has dominated the headlines in recent weeks, is well ahead with 26% support among Republicans. Walker, the Wisconsin governor best known for standing up to labor unions in his state, runs second with 14% support. Bush, a former Florida governor and the third member of his family to seek the presidency, is the first choice of 10%.

Via Trump Is Well Ahead As First Debate Looms @ Rasmussen Reports™.

Jeb! Ieads

“The former Florida governor is the first choice of 22% of GOP primary voters, according to the NBC/Wall Street Journal survey, putting him ahead of Scott Walker (17%), Marco Rubio (14%), and Ben Carson (11%). Of course, there are no national primaries. The road to the 2016 Republican nomination begins in the individual states of…

Walker Leads Again

“PPP’s newest national Republican poll continues to find a bunched up race at the top. Scott Walker leads with 17% to 15% for Jeb Bush, 13% for Marco Rubio, 12% for Ben Carson, 11% for Mike Huckabee, 8% for Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, 5% for Carly Fiorina, and 4% for Chris Christie. Small though…

Walker in Top Five

Leading the pack with 10 percent each are former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll finds. Via National (US) Poll – May 28, 2015 – Five Leaders In 2016 Republican White House Race…

Can Feingold come back from defeat?

In fact, his numbers right now are more reminiscent of the Feingold victories of 1992, 1998 and 2004 than the Feingold rejection of 2010 (see chart). In surveys by the Marquette University Law School, Feingold’s popularity ratings are better than almost any politician Marquette has asked about in its three and a half years of…

Expecting an Invasion Force of Orcs and Wargs

A recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling shows that 32 percent of Republican voters believe in the conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama is planning to use a military exercise to invade the state of Texas. For real…. Among Walker’s supporters, 38 percent believe the Texas-Invasion conspiracy theory, with 36 percent of his supporters…