Sen. Fitzgerald

Pandemic Duo

832 new COVID-19 cases and 15 deaths reported in WI. @SpeakerVos and @SenFitzgerald want to strike down @GovEvers' mask mandate. Evidently they like the numbers higher than they were under 'Safer at Home.' More sickness and more deaths – not what WI citizens want. pic.twitter.com/SHg8slDoHI — Sharky Sarah (@s3bland57) July 31, 2020      …

Fitzgerald Didn’t Act

This is the Wisconsin state senator who gaveled out of a special session in November, which was called by the Governor to address the state’s gun violence crisis, just minutes after it started. Molson Coors #wileg https://t.co/p9jphgVocD — Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) February 26, 2020                  

Not his only ‘weird sense’

I find no issue with trying to avoid disenfranchising voters. And certainly the logistics in these cases is always problematic but Wisconsin has done hundreds of these special elections over the years under very similar circumstances. I read somewhere else that there might be about 100 such voters who may be affected. But there was never any concern shown or voiced for the tens of thousands of voters disenfranchised by NOT holding the special elections…all of those Wisconsin residents who live in the affected districts. Those residents who don’t have representation.

Via Scott Fitzgerald’s Weird Sense of Voter Disenfranchisement! | Blogging Blue.