Dairy industry turns on Walker

This shift on immigration policy has caused a backlash from some in the dairy industry, with some saying the governor’s new positions would threaten their livelihoods if he became president..John Rosenow owns a dairy farm with roughly 1,000 cows in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.

In a state with nearly 10,000 dairies, Rosenow’s operation is one of the largest, and he has no illusions about what would happen if Walker’s positions took effect. “Of course, his proposals, as he mouthed them, would put us out of business, and it would put most dairy farmers in the state out of business.”

Currently, half of Rosenow’s 20 employees come from outside the United States. He says that most of them come from the same area in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.

Via Scott Walker’s new immigration hard line could harm Wisconsin’s farmers @ The Guardian.