Lutheran pastor resigns after being linked to email threatening gang rape


Van Fossen said she’d been working on the essay for a few weeks and that its publication was in no way timed to the trooper’s killing, which she called "an absolute tragedy."

The most extreme response to the post, Van Fossen said, was a screed dated March 27 from Wendt’s home email address calling her "the dumbest (expletive) liberal (expletive) I’ve heard yet."

The email goes on to tell Van Fossen to "Get off the drugs, (expletive), and go check yourself into rehab. … Or better yet, you’re pretty hot. So how about if I come over and rape you with a few of my friends. WHEW! At least I won’t have to worry about you calling the police."

Via Lutheran pastor resigns after being linked to threatening email @ JSOnline.

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