The Left looks at Candidate Mary Burke and doubts

Last week John ” Sly ” Sylvester reported on his radio show that 99.5% of Trek’s bicycles are made in either China or Taiwan. Yes, you read me correctly: 99.5% of them. You can listen to that particular segment from a podcast on Sly’s website titled ” Mary Burke Better For China “.

Apart from a two and half year stint as Jim Doyle’s commerce secretary, Trek Bicycles is the entirety of Mary Burke’s resume’. In her launch video she’s sitting in what appears to be a bicycle manufacturing shop, which I assumed was in Waterloo, WI, but maybe not? Maybe it’s Beijing?

Someone help me understand this. Did this 99.5% fact get overlooked in the vetting process? Was Progressives United aware of this when they made their endorsement of Burke?

Via Mary Burke and the 99% @ Blogging Blue.

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